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Flat Die Pellet Mill
Flat die pellet mill
Wood pellet fuel, an alternative for fossil fuels, has fierce competitive and stable price in the market. Moreover, in many countries wood pellet fuel is encouraged to use as a countermeasure against global warming, energy security and rise of oil price, and it has proved to have a good effect. Doing is the professional company to supply pellet machines for customers all over the world. Pellet mill is offered for small-scale pellet production. Pellets produced by it are with uniform moisture content, shape, size, and density, which match the needs from the automated combustion systems of the stove and boilers, and also take less space in storage and have a higher energy concentration.

Our flat die pellet mills has obvious advantages as the flat die pellet mill. It is easier to clean than round die pellet mills. Quick access to the pellet mill chamber means faster die and roller changes, which means more time in production. The compact design of the flat die pellet machine means small, lightweight models are available, making them more suitable for small-scale production.

Another key advantage of the flat die pellet mill is visibility. If a material is producing poor quality pellets or no pellets at all, viewing the material during the pellet process can give the best information on the reason why and how to correct it. With many flat die pellet mills it is possible to see into the pellet mill chamber during the pellet process, others have quick access doors to see into the chamber. Finally flat die pellet mills are regarded as been more robust for pelleting problematic feedstock. Therefore flat die pellet mills have a wider material tolerance than round die pellet mills.

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