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ring die pellet mill
Ring die pellet mill

1. Feedstock moisture content is of paramount significance for production yield. The more homogenous and uniform the water content remains, the better. Higher water content will adversely result in overloaded running and low throughput, and also some components are likely to be damaged; lower content may lead to pellet deformation or even no pellets can be formed, also as a waste of time and energy. Therefore, the operator shall keep an eye on changes in the moisture content of pellets and adjust it accordingly. Ideally and suitably, the moisture content for pelletization is the one with which freshly extruded pellets bear some slight fissure.

2. After 3 or 4 work shifts (8 hours per shift), ring die pores shall be checked out in case some have been choked with carbonized material. Given the situation, the clogged pores can be soaked and rinsed by using diesel after the machine is stopped. It is suggested all pores be penetrated in diesel for about 8 or 10 hours and then raw material can be conveyed into the machine in an attempt to break through the pores.

3. 200 or 300 tons yield later for production, the ring die should be inspected upon the pore relief section, aka. the horn mouth part of the pore. It is supposed to be polished by the ring die repair machine to keep the die compression ratio consistent, otherwise, both production output and stability of the pellet mill will be badly impacted.

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