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electric pellet machineA. Location of electric pellet machine

(1)Place the pellet machine on a solid, safe and dry place.
(2)Do not operate the pellet mill at the temperature below 10 degree celsius.
(3)Make sure all bolts and nuts are securely tightened before use.

B. Test run of electric pellet machine
Before starting the normal pellet production, it is important to grind the die to make the die smooth. To do this you need to prepare 5kg flour, 5kg fine sand and 1.5 liter vegetable oil, and then mix the ingredients in a bucket. Then start the pellet machine, put the proper amount of mixed materials into the mill and let them run through the die hole. You should do this in a recycling manner for 40-60 minutes.

C. Lubricate all bearings with wheel bearing grease before the first operation
The operator needs to do this lubrication at lease every 10 hours operation.

D. Set the pressure of the roller wheels.
To do this, just drag the die and find whether it can rotate under the rollers. The gap between the rollers and the die should be controlled within 0.1-0.3mm.


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