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wood fuel pellet mill
Mini wood fuel pellet mill

Introduction of wood fuel pellet mill
The most compact design of mini wood fuel pellet mill suitable as a home wood fuel pellet mill is the flat die pellet mill. The flat die design wood fuel pellet mill was the first design, used for wood pellet fuel pellet production. The design is very simple and compact; therefore it is possible to produce very basic versions for a home wood fuel pellet mill.


mini wood pellet mill

Mini wood fuel pellet mill

The mini wood fuel pellet mill
Producing wood fuel pellets is not just always about only the wood fuel pellet mill, it depends on what your raw materials is like. For example if you wish to process logs into pellets there are several stages of size reduction which must take place first. Firstly the log must go through a chipper. Once into chips, these must also be reduced in size, therefore the chips are then placed in a hammer mill. Through high speeds of the hammers impacting on the wood chips, the chips shatter into small particles. A hammer mill has an internal screen, to stop oversized particles from escaping the hammer mill until a 6mm particle size is achieved. The particles are then take from the base of the hammer mill by a fan and then separated from the air stream via a cyclone separator. The particles are now small enough for the pellet mill. However the particles must also be dry enough. There are several drying solutions used depending on the productivity required.


mini wood pellet mill

Some parts of mini wood pellet mill

1.Upper box body 
2.Fixing nut 
5.Middle box body
6.Main shaft 
7.discharging hopper 
9.Bearing seat
11. Motor 1
12.Shaft coupling
13.Foundation frame
14.Electrical cabinet.

Features of the mini wood fuel pellet mill
1.Portable design, easy to move and control
2.Low energy saving
3.Different dies for the feed pellet and wood pellet
4.High efficiency with good quality
5.Small floor space, cost-saving


 mini wood pellet mill

Final wood fuel pellets from mini wood fuel pellet mill

The finished products from mini wood fuel pellet mill are smooth in surface and shapely in posture.Its hardness is reach to European standard.Wood pellet fuel is convenient in the process of manufacturing, packing, storing and transporting as a clean renewable energy.This kind of granulation is easy to operate and maintain with lower price.

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