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Straw Pellet Mill
Straw pellet mill

Choose suitable straw pellet mill
There are several types of straw pellet mills such as flat die and as such, it is important for you to select the type that matches your needs best. There are some of these machines that are used for making wheat, rice and sawdust among others. it is important for you to put all your needs and tastes into consideration first and this will in turn help you in purchasing the right machine that will not only work for your effectively but also provide you with all the efficiency that you need.

Straw pellet mill properties
1. Dry in and out, without drying (the water content of raw water is not less than 13% of the national standard). Our straw pellet mill uses the differential and universal joint drive with a motor or a diesel engine. Our straw pellet mill has low energy consumption, high yield and easy operation.

2. Strong adaptability to raw materials. Straw pellet mill is suitable for molding a variety of biomass raw materials, from the powder material to the length of 50mm with water content of 5--30%can be molded.

3. Straw pellet mill can produce spherical pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer; it has uniform particle size, smooth and round shape, high strength and good fluidity.

4. High degree of automation, less labor, only three people. It just needs to use artificial feeding or automatic feeding conveyor.

5. Straw pellet mill uses the technology of unique three in one machine to complete the whole process of low temperature drying, cooling and sieving. It has less equipment investment, low running cost. The microbial survival rate is higher than 90%.

6. Straw pellet mill has a variety aperture diameter of 2-20 mould, which can be adapted to different materials, so as to achieve the best results.
straw pellet mill
Straw pellet mill

Straw pellet mill can process the crop straws into biomass pellets,and people can use the made pellets as fuel for heating and cooking. The market of straw pellet mill is expanding quickly now,there are many factors contribute to this phenomenon. We are big agricultural country in the world.There are many kinds and quantity of crops in China.straws are the major biomass resources.There are a large number of agricultural and forestry residues can be effectively used every year. It can not only effectively use the remaining resources,but also can protect our environment which we live.

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