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Pellet mill and Wood machinery

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feed pellet machine

Wood pellet machine

This type wood pellet machine can guide the average person with the ability to produce the renewable heating source, animal feed, fish food pellets, etc.. All of these products can be made from free or cheap materials. With one of the pellet machine model, you can palletize all sorts of organic materials, biomass materials into wood pellets.

feed pellet machine

Wood pellet machine

Working principle of wood pellet machine:
The raw materials are fed into a press where it will be squeezed through a die template which has several holes. And high pressure of press can cause the temperature of the biomass to increase greatly and kill the harmful organisms. And when the feeding materials are heated, the lignin, natural glue-can be found in biomass material, will form the materials powder into pellets together.The size of final wood pellets can be different according to different needs.



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