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Floating Fish Feed Extruder
Floating fish feed extruder

Floating Fish Feed Extruder Introduction:
1. Our floating fish feed extruder composed of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, controlling system.
2. Floating fish feed extruder in our company adopt Auto-temperature Controlling System which making it more precise and viewable to control the temperature.
3. Our floating fish feed extruder combined main shaft can apply to a variety of materials
4. Floating fish feed extruder in our company special designed screw barrel make the machine more durable and reducing cost.
5. Cutting system equipped advanced frequency converter and sophisticated speed-adjusting system.The visolizeing granules size is adjustable.
6.Our floating fish feed extruder works well in long time and continuous using, running steadily and reliably, easy to operate.


floating fish feed extruder

DGP series floating fish feed extruder

Floating Fish Feed Extruder Features:
1. Easy operation and installation
2. Low power consumption
3. Auto-temperature controlling
4. Continuous work and durability
5. Available to floating and sinking fish feed.
6. Competitive price in floating fish feed extruder market

Floating Fish Feed Extruder
Final product of floating fish feed extruder

Application and Suggestion of Floating Fish Feed Extruder:
1.Puffing particle: Depending on the different requirements to produce a variety of feed shapes for high-grade fish, Shrimps, aquatic.
2.Crabs puffing granules: The granule in floating fish feed extruder is solid and round, and the diameter of the crabs puffing granules can be adjusted according to your need.
3.Production: For floating or sinking water plant pellets, we can provide our customers the special usable aquatic feed formulations.
4.A reasonable hardness of feed will keep the feed stability and good for prevention of water pollution.
5.Floating fish feed extruder can sterilize the feed, make the pellet food nutrient-rich, easy to be absorbed.
6.Attractive results from our floating fish feed extruder are obvious.

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