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fish feed extruder
Fish feed pellet extruder
Fish feed pellets specifications made by our puffing feed pellet production line
1. The diameter can be 0.9-10mm.
2. Pellet moisture content before drying is 18%-20%.
3. Fish pellet temperature before cooling is about 80 ℃.
4. Both floating and sinking pellet are available, determined by the formula( we can send at free charge after you placing order)
5. Ingredients for making fish feed pellets: Fish oil,Fishmeal,Soya protein,Wheat gluten,Wheat and peas, Minerals,Vitamins,Pigments,Canthaxanthin.

◆ Feed Hammer Mill
Feed hammer mill is used to crush raw materials. The prominent characteristics include advanced design, good durability and stable performance.

◆ Grain Powder Mixer
Mixer is widely used for mixing grain powder in fish feed pellet line. Our mixer design is based on a U-type tank with dual shafts and paddles extending the length of the tank for homogeneous mixing of different ingredients in a shortest time (CV< 5%) .

◆ Fish Feed Pellet Extruder
Fish feed pellet extruder can be divided into two types: dry type and wet type. The dry type fish feed extruder does not need the steam boiler while the wet type is of conditioner design and need to equip the steam boiler( you can buy the steam boiler in your location)

◆ Belt Type Feed Pellet Dryer
This pellet dryer is of multiple net layers design(3, 5, 7 layers for choice). The net belt running speed can be controlled to adjust the drying time. It is highly automatic and also has advanced loading and laying-off material device.

◆ Feed Pellet Packing Machine
The automatic packing machine has simple structure, accurate weighing and reliable running. It can weigh and package feed pellets quickly. The system is suitable for the particle material and powdered material with good fluidity.

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