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ring die pellet mill or flat die pelelt mill

Comparison of ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill

A. Ring die pellet mill has wide application in commercial use with relatively large production capacity, 300~3500 kg/h. While flat die pellet mill is popular with home use, capacity from 30-2000kg/h.
B. Ring die wood pellet mill adopts imperative feeding device, ensuring a continuous & even feeding speed. Flat die pellet mill adopts vertical feeding way, that is to say, materials depend on its own weight dropping into the pelletizing chamber. So the feeding speed of flat die pellet mill cannot be controlled automatically.
C. The roller shell of ring die pellet mill for making biomass pellets doesn't completely cover the roller, reducing wear and prolong service life.
D. Ring die pellet mill can be applied to making various biomass materials into pellets, especially for materials hard to be pelletized or with much moisture.
E. Ring die pellet mill can be equipped with inner oil spraying device, making pellets surface more smooth and solid.


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