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    A full-scale biomass plant pellet mill in China is still scheduled to come online by the end of 2016, just in time for the wood pellet market to gain steam in Europe as industrial power generators switch from coal to renewable fuels.

    Top officials for Doing Machinery told Talk Business & Politics that their respective companies are moving forward with land acquisition, environmental permitting and other preparations for high-profile entries into the burgeoning renewable energy sector.

    Doing Group backed by two privately-held, out-of-state investor groups with impressive Wall Street and Silicon Valley ties, announced in the summer of 2014 plans to make use of Chinese huge inventory of unused forest dregs, logging leftovers, imperfect commercial trees, dead wood and other non-commercial trees that need to be thinned from crowded, unhealthy, fire-prone forests.

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  On July 30, 2014, Doing Group announced plans to build a $90 million proprietary black wood pellet manufacturing plant in Monticello that company officials said could be easily integrated into the energy grid as a clean energy alternative to coal-powered electricity.
   Less than a month after the DY announcement, Doing Group also announced on Aug. 25 that it was building a 500,000 metric ton per year wood pellet facility in Pine Bluff, about an hour’s drive north from Monticello. In its news release, DY said its $130 million plant will create more than 35 direct jobs and another 482 offshoot jobs that would provide an $86 million a year financial bounce to local communities.
    In a recent interview with Talk Business & Politics, DY Chairman said his company has purchased land for his company’s first wood pellet facility project in Pine Bluff.
    DY annouced that their wood pellet manufacturing mills will convert tons of tree stem and waste wood into tiny pellets that are shipped to Europe and burned in power plants for what is being touted as a renewable form of electricity. But as the industry continues to develop grow, environmental groups and “green energy” advocates are increasing raising questions about the cleanliness and viability of burning wood for power generation.


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