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What do you need to consider before setting up a biomass pellet mill plant ?

1. You funds and budget: your budget determines the scale of the biomass pellet plant . Sometimes you may want to set up a large scale one, but may not have enough funds. In this case, you can lower your capacity, or reduce some relatively unimportant equipment. It is not advised to replace the necessary equipment with low price and low quality ones, otherwise you will regret.
2. You workshop: in fact, the funds you have also determine your workshop size. The more funds you have, the larger workshop you can build.If you do not have workshop, you’d better build it near your raw material. This can save you a lot of raw material transportation cost. If you already have your own workshop, you shall tell us your workshop height, width and length, so that we can design the pellets production line depending on your workshop size. Otherwise your workshop may not be enough to place the equipments.

 pellet mill
Pellet mill

Typical production processed in a pellet plant
How pellet are make in a pellet plant? Generally, it will go through the following procedures:
1. Drum Chipper: harvest wood will be preprocessed by a wood chipper. The chipped woods will be reduced into proper size, less than 6mm.
2. Screening: impurities such as stones, metals or others will be screened out of raw materials .
3. Drying: the desired moisture content will be achieved by drying. Drum drier will be the choice for standard wood pellet plant.
4. Pelletizing: prepared raw materials will be forced through the die hole of pellet mills with great pressure to extrude the pellets which are hot and soft.
5. Cooling: hot extruded pellet will be harden and strengthened after air cooling.
6. Package: pellets are packaged into bags for the sake of pellet protection and convient distribution.
7. Storage and distribution; pellets should be kept in dry conditions and be stored in tanks, contains or silos. Pellets are distributed in bag or in bulk form by truck or other vehicles.

In a nutshell, to construct a biomass pellet plant means detailed negotiations and consistent conversations. Each responsible supplier of equipment should understand the point. Doing as the professional pellet plant manufacturer and supplier will constantly offer the best solutions for you. We will win more clients with our reliable work and equipment.

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