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pellet mill1. Reliable machine supplier

With so many manufacturers of the same product in the market, it is vital to choose products from a reliable company who can offer you quality machines with reasonable price. Azeus Machinery Co.ltd is a leading wood crusher manufacturer who has already sold many products all over the world.

2. Raw material for pellet mill
Different materials will be processed by different pellet mill machines. Raw materials like wood or sawdust is advised to be processed by rotating roller pellet mill machine, while other agro waste like stalk, straw, etc. can be processed by die rotating pellet mill machine. Besides, for pressing different raw materials, the compression ratio of die is different. So when choosing a pellet mill machine, remember to tell your supplier about the raw material.

3. Power source
You can choose the machine according to your actual situation. For example, if you are in the place that is short of electricity, you can choose diesel engine.

4. Productivity
Productivity is also very important. Though high productivity is necessary to avoid insufficient supply, you should choose pellet machines with the suitable capacity based on your real demands to maximize your economic benefits.

5. Auxiliary equipments
The auxiliary equipments include hammer mill (to pulverize or crush large size raw materials), dryer (to dry the raw material that has moisture content higher than 15%) and cooler (to cool the hot pellets). These equipments are mainly used in pellet production or those who make pellets for sale.

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