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We are an integrated manufacturer for research and develop, production and sales of pelletizing machine .

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A new pellet plant owned by Doing Group was launched beginning of 2015 in Borisov, Belarus. For today the pellet plant has reached its designed capacity – 30,000 tons of pellets per year.

The new pellet plant ensures economically reasonable utilization of wastes (sawdust and partially chips) of the sawmill located in the same production site. In Belarus, as well as in Russia, chips utilization has recently been quite a bottleneck for the sawmillers.As Doing Machinery is a mechanical engineering company ; its main operations include design and production of woodworking technologies and facilities.

pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill

Efficiency of the advanced technological solutions has already been proved in the previously realized projects.
Conveyors and many other units of the production line, including ring die pellet mill and the flat pellet mill are produced . Besides, as a general supplier of the project, the company took responsibility for the complete delivery of the plant complex equipment, its fast installation, start-up, and - as a result - smooth operation of all the plant units. The pelletizing line is equipped with a hammer mill and a pellet press (4.5 ton/h capacity) by the Doing Group.
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