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straw pellet making machine
Straw pellet making machine

What is a Fote straw pellet mill?

Straw materials refer to crop residues including corn straw, wheat straw and rice straw etc. In the past, we used to crush and grind straws into powder materials used as feed for animals or fuel for industries. However, the low density of the straws results in problems of feed inconvenience and low combustion rate. At this time, the straw pellet mill is developed on the market to make full use of all kinds of straws. It is also called the crop stalks pellet machine.

Why is Fote straw pellet mill so popular?

1.Low cost: the crop stalks pellet machine can produce large profit margin because the crop straws are usually regarded as wastes with quite low collection cost.

2.Environment friendly: straw pellets made by our pellet mill are burnt fully with little emission of ash and CO2, thus causing little harm to the air.

3.Transportation convenience: the high density straw pellets are in small size, so it’s easy for us to store and transport them.

4.Wide range of application: the straw pellets can replace coal and natural gas to serve as the fuel for industrial boiler, livelihood energy, power station and chemical plant etc.

Fote straw pellet mill meets the increasing market demand

As the biomass fuel made by the crop stalks pellet machine can replace the traditional coal, petroleum and natural gas, it has been popular all over the world. With low raw material cost, the straw pellet mill manufacturing has become a hot industry with a large profit margin and unsaturated market. So it’s quite smart for customers to consider investing on the straw pellet mills.

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