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In the wake of biomass development and progressed renewable energy replacement, Biomass fuel exerts a huge influence and will be given a larger play in green energy advancement according to Kyoto protocol and UNFCCC. However, biomass fuel covers a wide range of material supply, not only wood or forest wastes but also agricultural residues.Our wood pellet mill is extensively used as biomass pellet mill to process both wood and agro-wastes.
biomass pellet mill
Biomass pellet mill
Agro wastes: rice husks, corn cobs, maize stalks, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells, coconut shuck, coffee grounds, straw stalks, tobacco waste mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, soybeans husk, coir pitch barks/straws,;

Wood wastes: Raw material resources: timber industry, sawmills, paper industry, furniture industry, building industry and agricultural by-products
The varieties of trees: such as pinewood, birch, spruce, beech, poplar, eucalyptus, maple, tropical trees, subtropical trees and tree species from frigid zone and shrubs.
Size of raw material: wood logs, timber, lumber, tree branches and twigs, tree trunks, wood chips, sawdust, saw shavings, wood powder and shrubs.

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