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pellet mill
Pellet mill
The factors will exert impacts upon pelletizing outcome and yield can be listed as follows:
Water content (or moisture content)---our biomass pellet mill can process material with the moisture content about 12% to 15%. (According to the project experience as a rough value range but for specific material type, the water content may be varied and it is also influenced by drying degree in a dryer.)

Feedstock size---The favorable size of feedstock shall be kept about 3mm or 4mm. Oversized material will not be compacted due to the gap between neighboring particles leading to poor cohesiveness; super fine powder may not be pelletized due to the short pelletizing time through die pores.

Material breed---technically, is also various and distinguished. That means lignin content is different from each other. That’s why some materials for  biomass pellet mill are easy to be processed while others not. In light of the issue, some hard-to-process material should be blended with binding agent to achieve better result. We are capable of sharing binding agent knowledge with clients, for more information, please contact us.
As a matter of fact, production yield is doomed to plummet due to either of the foresaid factors having been ignored or omitted by operators.
Mixer introduction:
Feeding speed
---excessive feeding will shorten pelletizing time of feedstock through die pores while slow feeding will lead to the pellet mill running without sufficient load and have yield reduced.
Mold and compression ratio--- mold material is another decisive factor as we mentioned in previous FAQ, good quality mold can smoothen pelletization and be used for a longer time so Kingman to this end adopts high-chromium stainless steel alloy. The other is compression ratio which decides pelletizing time of material in die pores.

Experience accumulation--- whether a pellet plant can achieve higher yield or not also lies in operators and their experience. Seasoned and skilled operators are capable of handling the pellet plant systematically and see the running as a whole rather than stand-alone machine. As we discussed previously, from pulverizing, drying, sifting to pelleting, cooling and packing, the process runs in tandem and all equipment shall be controlled concertedly.
Either factor of the above failing to be attended to will lead the pelletization to a disappointed direction. Only by coordinating them can a successful and smooth production be realized.

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