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Routine maintenance is the core of normal operation of pellet mill. Only small faults are removed in the routine maintenance, then big failure would not appear. The following is the specific routine maintenance of pellet mill:
pellet mill
Pellet mill
1. The feeding must be uniform to ensure smooth pelletizing and high-speed operation of pellet mill.

2. Pay attention to check the wearing degree of the easy wear parts and replace the worn parts.

3. Ensure smooth operation of pellet mill. When in use of biomass pellet mill, the transmission parts should be noticed. The transmission of the transmission gear is accomplished in the assistant of lubricating oil, so in the running process of large gears, the operator must check its lubrication condition regularly and add lubricating oil and grease properly to keep the gear in good lubrication condition and ensure the smooth operation of the machine. In the design of a pellet mill, the designer stipulated the lubricating oil of the pellet mill according to the mechanism, therefore, not all of the lubricating oils can play a role in the lubrication. In order to make the equipment to obtain a reasonable lubrication in different conditions, a certain amount of additives must be added in the lubricating oil. The additives of different lubricating oil vary and the performance are also different. Appropriate lubricating oil should be used according to the equipment and environment to achieve a good lubrication effect.

4. Soundness of the support. The overall structure of biomass pellet mill is supported by the frame. When the pellet mill machine is running, pay attention that whether the foundation screw connecting the frame and the base ground is loose. Tighten it timely when that occurs, otherwise it will produce a strong vibration and noise and even lead to the occurrence of accident in the operation of biomass pellet mill.

5. After complete production of pellet mill, clean up the remaining materials for next use.

6. When stop the pellet mill for a long time, the machine must be cleaned and covered with cloth .

In the routine maintenance of pellet mill, the operator's responsibility is the premise of the work. Thus, necessary training and the cultivation of the sense of responsibility should be carried out regularly, for good pellet mill is also a powerful guarantee for you, then twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort.

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