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On the heels of soaring fossil fuel prices, renewable energy resources are urgently needed across the whole world. Subsequently, solar power, wind power, biomass power and other new forms of power supplies have been developing in full swing, among which biomass particularly has gained a strong momentum of production. To date, biomass fuel have been put into active practice across the whole Europe and North America, besides, Oceanic countries such as Australia and new Zealand are working on it as well. Developing world covering the regions of Asia and Latin America and Africa are also called on to put biomass production on track.
biomass pellets
Biomass pellets and Biomass pellet mill

Biomass pellets as a renewable fuel possess a variety of edges in a stark contrast with conventional fossil fuel and pristine fuel.
    High thermal value
    Simple handling
    Carbon dioxide neutral fuel
    Reduced transport costs
    Homogenous and manageable fuel

    Environmentally friendly emissions

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