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small wood pellet machine

Small wood pellets machine

Introduction of small wood pellet machine:
1.Widely option on raw material,material with low cost ,and easier to get.
2.Small wood pellet machine power can be electric motor or diesel engine or PTO driven according to the needs.
3.Small wood pellet machine can be used for making sawdust pellet as biomass fuel or make feed pellet as anmial feed pellet mill.But you should change millstone for making feed pellets,because the requirment of die is different .

Features of small wood pellet machine:
1.Portable design, easy to move and control
2.Low energy saving
3.Different dies for the feed pellet and wood pellet
4.High efficiency with good quality
5.Small floor space, cost-saving

Suitable materials for small wood pellet machine:
Including but not limited for materials such as grain,firewood,stalk,tree branches,wood meal,fruit hull,rice husk and so on.

wood pellets
Raw material and final wood pellets

Application of biomass fuel-home using small wood pellet machine
1) Home heating stoves
2) Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers
3) Biomass power plants and so on.
4) The small wood pellet machine is suitable for making the biomass, sawdust pellet and oil cake for the feedstuff which it could be granule pellet for animal feed


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