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wood crusher
Wood crusher
Crushing system :If the raw materials is log, wood chip or other big size materials. Generally, you should crush them at first. Because of the best size of raw materials in pelletizing is 3-6mm. So, based on different materials, wood chipper and hammer mill is necessary.

Drying system:Drying system is a key equipment in making pellet. In other words, the moisture of the crushed materials is very important in processing. If the moisture is high, the pellet will be split at the head. IF the moisture is low, the pellet is difficult to forming. So, the best moisture for pelletizing is 12-16% based on the features of raw materials.

In drying system, Drum drier is the best choice. It consists of drum and hot blast stove. The amount of hot air will be controlled by automatically electrical cabinet and the working speed. This speed can be adjustable.

But the price is also very high cause of the big drum and structure. If the investment has a limit, you also can choose air flow drier. This one was always to be selected by clients.
wood pellet mill
Wood pellet mill
Pellet press system:This is also a key equipment in making pellet. Our wood pellet mill is designed specially for pelletizing all kinds of the wood, such as hardwood and softwood, and we apply different ring die with different compression ratio, whose working principle is extruding between ring die and roller. As my working experiences in this field, the high quality of the pellet is the only way to check the pellet press is good or not.

Choose us means you found a good performance machine that it can offer you the good quality pellet and help you to be a leader of the pellet distributors.

Cooling and sifting system:Help the pellet low down the temperature and to be sure to get high destiny pellet. Sifting system is for cleaning the powder in pelletizing to get the cleaning pellet for packing.

Packing system:After cooling and sifting, packing is the last one job to do. In this part, generally, the client asked bulk bag and small bag. Bulk bag is 1ton/bag. The small bag is about 15-30kg/bag.

You can choose both or based on your situation to select the right one.Our electrical cabinet system adopt newest technology which can easily satisfy your antomatic requirement.


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