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Feed Hammer Machine Product Instruction
There may be quite a lot ingredients which require being broken up in the feed processing process. The feed ingredients include grain, forage, wood,etc. This period will use the hammer mill to reduce the particle size. This operation will improve the performance of the ingredients and increase the mutrient value. SFSP series tear-circle hammer mill is widely used in large and medium sized feed factories to produce high-grade poultry feed, aquatic feed and to crush particles in alcohol plants, citric acid plant, food factories.

Animal feed hammer mill of small animal feed mill machinery is made up of the base, rotors, sifter, material feeder, dropping cavity and etc. Sifted material run into the pulverizing cavity by feeding oriented machine, they are pulverized by the hitting of high-speed rolling hammer and grinding of the filter. Then under the effect of eccentricity and the airflow, the material is released through the sifter. 
feed hammer machine
Feed hammer machine
Animal Feed Hammer Machine Advantage
1) The pulverizing cavity likes a dropping cave, which can prevent the circumfluence of the raw material.
1) The hidden rotors can pulverize the materials completely.
2) By second- pulverizing, dropping hammer mill has super efficiency.
3) The distance between sifter and sinker is adjustable, which can make rough
pulverizing, fine pulverizing and micro pulverizing are available in one machine.
4) Easy-open door makes maintains convenient.
5) Sieve will be bounded up after pressing. This enables the replacement much easier,and can close much tighter.

Main Features of Feed Hammer Machine
1.Adopting international advanced technique, the crush room is designed as water drop. With special twice crush design, the crush efficiency is greatly improved. With full open operating door, elasticity sieve pressing mechanism, easy to maintain and replace sieve.

2.Imported "NSK" bearings to ensure the lifetime; Nylon direct drive coupling rod, a large compensation for displacement, effectively prevent the bearing heat phenomenon.

3.Feeding inlet on the top can be matched with all kinds of feeding mechanisms.

4.The coarse or fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the gap between the hammer and sifter, thus one machine can be used multi-purposes.

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