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feed pellet machine
Poultry pellet feed plant
Poultry feed pellet plant
This livestock and poultry feed pellet plant is designed and manufactured by Xinxiang Hexie Feed Machinery Manufacturing Company, using the technology of pre-grinding. Including crushing, mixing, pelleting, cooling, sifting and packing. The production process involves raw materials receiving and cleaning system, crushing system, dosing and mixing system, pelleting system, packing system, dust collecting system, compressed air system, central electric control system. All process is controlled by central control room, computer automatic operation can be realized. It is the most advanced electric control technology.

The poultry feed pellet process not only can be used to produce all kinds of compound feed for ordinary livestock and poultry,  suce as pig, cattle,  chichen and duck,etc., also can be used for various common fish feed, is a comprehensive strongly feed production and processing technology. Computer dosing system, hammer mill, double shaft paddle type mixer, the prevention knot arch technology of mixing tank is selected in this production line. The whole technology is designed by using computer AutoCAD 2D and Solidworks 3D, ensure the design accuracy and little error in the use after completion.

Small scale livestock and poultry pellet feed production plant
1.Capacity :0.5t/h -4t/h
2.powder compound feed
3.Raw material: maize,corn,soybean meals,oil-seed cake,rice husk,cotton stalks,weeds
4.Dosing accuracy:static state:≤1‰  dynamic state: ≤3‰

Poultry pellet feed production plant technical parameters:
1.Mixing evenness:VC≤5%
10-15t/h powder compound feed(sieve pore diameter is 3mm)
10-12t/h granular compound feed
3. Dosing accuracy:static state:≤1‰  dynamic state: ≤3‰
4. Control room noise:≤85db
5. Indoor dust concentration:≤10mg/m³
Outdoor dust concentration:≤150mg/m³
poultry feed
Poultry feed pellet production plant can applied any poultry than home fed.Above is some of the animals .

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