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Introduction of ring die wood pellet mill
Ring die pellet mills are identifiable by the circular "ring" shape of their extrusion die. Generally small wheels in the center of the ring ride on the die and force the raw material through the extrusion holes. They are capable of very large amounts of production and they don't wear out as quickly as flat plate mills. They are quite a bit heavier than flat plate mills. They are usually a lot more expensive and are prefered by commercial pellet mills. But because the raw material is hidden from view when it is being forced through the die it is much more difficult to troubleshoot production problems. For this reason I like new mill operators to start out with a flat plate mill. Once the mill operator has a bunch of experience he/she will have a much easier time learning to run a ring die pellet mill.
wood pellet mill
Wood pellet mill
Descriptions of small wood pellet mill machine
1.This small wood pellet mill can press biomass such as sawdust, straw and rice husk into pellet.
2. Gear transmission, output capacity is about 20% higher than belt transmission.
3. Ring die adapts advanced quick-release hold hoop.
4. Choose SKF Brand bearings, ensuring efficient transmission, stability, low noise.
5. Overload protection device and iron removing device,automatic lubrication system.

Features of small wood pellet mill machine :
1.Gear driven type, whose Figures are strong power, high efficient, and high capacity.
2.High configuration: Siemens motor, SKF Bearing.
3.Affordable pricing on machinery and spare parts.
4.Feeder: Variable frenquency feeder, which allowed to adjust the speed, to get higher output;
5.Application: Suitable for the cotton seed, straw, alfalfa, wood, sawdust, biomass and other wood  materials

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