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wood chipper

Wood chipper

Description of wood chipper:
Wood chipper also can be called wood slicing machine that belongs to the woodworking processing equipment. Mainly to meet the need of wood pulp for chemicals, and wood chips for milling wood pulp.

wood chipper

Wood chipper and wood chips

1.The wood chipper is a specified equipment for producing chips, the chips arewidely used in paper making, shaving board, MDF etc.
2.Wood Chipper can handle different wood material, and it can be used for all kinds of wood board or bark.
3.Wood Chips regularly is: Length 15~20mm, thickness: 3~5mm, not requirement on width, but do not exceed 20mm.

wood chipper 
Factory of producing wood chips

This wood chipper machine mainly consists of engine base,inlet, chipper disk,enclosure,blade and electric controller. You can adjust the blade size as your need to produce different specification and thickness wood chips.

Structure of wood chipper: 
Cutting wood chipper includes main engine, engine base, coupling, under frame. Main engine consists of cutter head, upper and lower housing, inlet and outlet. Cutter head is the very part worn worst.

wood chipper
Knife of wood chipper

The flying knife, bottom knife and flying knife bolt adopting the special steel and are made specially, which prolongs the life of the machine.
Features of wood chipper:
This wood chipper has become a popular product in the area of processing wood. It has a good structure and high quality. Compact structure, rational layout is easy to handle and maintain, available of conditioning of the wood chip length in specified range.
Technical parameter of wood chipper:

Model No. Productivity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Spindle speed (r/min) Cutter diameter(mm) Number of blades
DY500 1-2 7.5 120 600 420 2-4
DY600 2-3 15 380 650 600 2-4
DY700 3-5 18.5 480 600 700 2-4
DY800 5-6 30 550 480 800 4
DY950 6-8 37 800 550 950 4
DY1100 8-10 45 1650 600 1100 4
DY1210 10-12 45 2100 600 1210 4
DY1410 15-20 75 2800 600 1410 4
DY1710 12-15 55 3200 900 1050 6





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