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Brief introduction of wood chips making machine
This wood chips making machine is a new style and widely applied machine. Wood chips making machine is mainly used in all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, pine, miscellaneous wood, waste wood, bamboo straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed fur, etc.

This series wood chips making machine have the features of compact structure, cheap price, stable working condition, lower consumption, high capacity, good quality finished products, lower cost, etc.
wood chips making machine
Wood chips making machine
Working principles of wood chips making machine
1). This wood chips making machine is composed by host body, middle body and lower body such three parts;

2). Crushing cutter includes 7-shape cutter, 1-shape cutter and centrifugal cutters.

3). Auxiliary equipments include fan, dust collector and powder collector, etc.

4). The crushing processing will be coarse crushing, fine crushing and high speed centrifugal crushing. Motor drives crushing rotor to do high speed rotation, which can make machine produces high speed airflow. And then high speed airflow produces high strength impact force, compression force, cutting force and friction force for raw materials. In this way, the machine achieves special crushing function.

5). The crushed materials enters analyzer under the high speed airflow force. At the same time, the materials also get both rotor centrifugal force effect and airflow centripetal force. So, when centrifugal force is stronger than centripetal force, fine powwood tree cutting machineder enters powder collector, coarse powder enters second crushing chamber to be crushed fine powder.

Advantages of small wood chips making machine
1). Wide application of wood chips making machine:
This wood chips making machine can be widely used in paper inudstry, can be the previous work of wood charcoal production line and wood pellet production line, also can be used in breeding industry;

2). High quality mateirals made:
This wood processing machine is made of  high manganese carbon steel, which has the features of anti-corrosion, longer service life, etc.  Further, this series machine cutter is made of high quality alloy.

3). Save cost:
Compact and simple structure, so it can save your area occupying cost;
Made of high quality steel, so it can save your maintaince cost and spare parts cost;
Has the features of stable working condition and lower power consumption, so it can save your  invested cost.
wood chips making machine
Wood chips making machine
Application of wood chips making machine
The final materials of wood chips making machine can be used to make biomass pellet,paper, pet net, and so on, so the wood crusher is widely used many field, such as charcoal factory, biological power plant factory, sawmill incense factory, feed farms,mushrooms, edible fungus base, landscaping engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

Structures of wood chips making machine
This wood chips making machine is composed by host body, knife cutting part, chips re-crush part and sieving part ,ect. It combines both chipping and crushing in one machine, can make sawdust in one process, no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this crushing equipment adopts self-sction design to avoid serious damage to operators.

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