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wood crusher
Wood crusher
Wood Crusher Introduction
Wood crusher is ideal equipment for producing various types of wood products. Wood pellets or biomass briquettes production line also needs crushing equipment. Wood crusher is specially designed to crush branches, tree roots,slab scraps and so on for further production.It occupies little room which makes it quite a popularity in small size biomass fuel plants.
Our Wood Crusher Features
1. Reasonable design, improves crushing efficiency by 50% compared to traditional type.
2. Attractive appearance, high output of 400-2000kg/h.
3. One motor drives crushing, energy saving and low cost.
4. Crushed materials are fit to process pellets or briquettes.

What Materials Can be Crushed
Raw materials can be processed by wood crusher are various, but there is also a standard about the size. Generally speaking, it can crush tree branches and stems with the diameter of 70mm-250mm. Many fiber stalk like bamboo, couch grass, corn and Sorghum stalks are also common wood pellets materials. The crushed materials are particles and with diameter of about 3-5mm and can be directly for pelletizing or briquetting.
wood crusher
Wood crusher
How Does a Wood Crusher Work
Wood crusher integrates cutting and crushing. Blades cutting and high speed air impacting works together to make it a good crushing machine. During blade cutting, rotator creates high speed air and spins with blade cutting direction. Raw materials speed up in the air and impact repeatedly to crushed them completely. Wood crusher mainly consists of cutting device,crushing equipment and draught fan. Small body and good flexibility.
Wood crusher can make various materials into sawdust for making into wood pellets.

Wood Crusher Maintenance
☆ The bearings should be injected oil after the machine working for three to four hours.
☆ Adjust the tightness of v belt after using for a period, lower 6—10mm is suitable.
☆ Clean and examine carefully of every part of the machine, if there is any malfunction, repair in time.

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