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Introduction of continuous wood chipping machine
The continuous wood chipping machine  is primarily is designed for cutting tree limbs and trunks into smaller, fine particles, for instance into wood chips and sawdust. This continuous chipping machine  is available in various capacities starting  the production capacities also varies from 3 Metric tons to 5Metric tons per hour depending upon the preference of clients. This continuous chipping machine  operates on chipper mechanism and is also provided with a bin for collecting the wood chips produced, Co-generation Power Projects and all other industries like Textile, Paper, Pulp, Plywood, Sugar, Distilleries, Refineries, etc. for various applications.

What kind of raw material can be used this continuous wood chipping machine ?
Raw material for continuous chipper is mainly small trail wood, lumbering remains (such as branches, twigs, tress etc) and woodworking remains (such as slab, plank, log core, waste veneer etc). continuous chipper also can be used to chip non-lignin raw material (such as flax pole, bulrush, bamboo etc).
wood chipping machine
Wood chipping machine
The application of continuous wood chipping machine
Continuous wood chipping machine is a special equipment that develop edible fungus, organic fertilizer, shaving board, paper making, chemical industry, building materials, plate making,charcoal,sawdust board,high density board raw materials.

Basic features of continuous wood chipping machine
1. continuous wood chipping machine is professional design product, continuous chipping machine has passes CE&ISO certificate.
2. continuous wood chipping machine has many advantages,such as reasonable structure, reliable safety, easy operation, small vibration,high efficiency and high cost performance.

Working principle of continuous wood chipping machine
The continuous wood chipping machine is integrate blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact with collision and double crushing functions. And at the same time it could manage to complete the microseparation processing process. In the process of blades cutting, rotor produces high-speed airflow and rotates with the blade cutting direction. The material speed up in the flow and repeatedly impact When the wood feed in the machine, wood touch the revolving cutter.the wood chip will come out of machine under the power of fan blade on the knife dish.

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